1. Dont Hate Me

From the recording My Darkest Hour

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Don't hate me for my past
Do you not want me to last ?
I really wish I could wash away my sins
And make all you fuckers grin.

But here's the thing,
You wouldn't be listening to me if all I could do was sing,
What I bring... is a tour into a life of being lost and broken,
Always seen but ever so softly spoken,
Never chosen, always looked at sideways, The one who's always smokin',
And deep down still to this day
All you do is pray everyday.

But why do you hate me, yah
Is it coz I'm Krazy, yah
My memories are hazy, yah
You better not play me, yah

This is why we disobey,
Because for the ones who feel left out,
We feel disarray,
Were weak, we are prey,
AWe are the ones who are afraid,
Yet here we are paved,
As the ones who have lost our way ?

Before I changed up,
I'm not the child I once was,
I was always asking my mum for 50 bucks,
Embarrassin my family not giving any fucks.

I keep getting stuck inside my mind,
It's like a sign,
It's like everything in my brain,
Keeps getting a chime,
It keeps going round like a train,
-Choo Choo-
I'ts just so fuckin hard to explain.

I started to climb up the wall again,
Here we go back on the bend,
I used to be Suicidal,
Lately I been doin ok tho,
I lost it all but never surrender,
This war on drugs is something I'll fight forever,

Don't hate me, yah
Don't disrespect me, yah
Don't judge me, yah
Don't pretend I don't exist, yah

I'm the life of the party,
Hold my beer cuz coz that looks dardy,
How did I end up here,
I'm just doing what I had too out of fear.

I have a confession
I suffer from depression
I got bad news
I hang with bad dudes
I got bad moods
I'm just doing what I have to
I got bad news
I fuckin hang with bad dudes.

After all the oxys I put up my nose,
It was the good life I had now chose.
I switched sides,
Coz I was no longer accepting bribes,

Never forget how far you've come,
Everything you have gotten through,
The battles you have won,
All the times you have pushed on,
All of the mornings U got out of bed,
No matter how hard it was,
All the times U wanted to give up,
But U got through another day just bcoz,
Never forget how much strength you have found along the way,
You are important each and every day.

Remember what your fighting for,
Remembering these things,
It's worth dying for,
Look inside and dig deep some more, Coming at me screaming,
I want more,
I want more,
Remember what your fighting for.

Don't discriminate me
Don't judge me
Don't hate me.

I needed to build a better wall so it would keep me safe in a place where people don't hate.

Don't discriminate