1. Here i am

From the recording My Darkest Hour

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Here I am...

Look at you,
What did you do,
Now ur gonna see,
What you did to me.

Why do you keep screaming at me the top of ur lungs ? What am i no fun ?
I'm just looking at what you've done,
You got one up on me and had me on the run but now you've spilt my blood,
You caused the thud, there's blood on ya hands and no one seems to understand...

You spend every dam day chasin that little clear bag ya just don't care anymore and it's really fuckin sad, These beats are so whack,
Ya gotta get used to ya life without crack,
It's been apart of ya life since way fuckin back and I got shit to do and ain't nobody got time for that.

So get out of my way coz I got shit to say,
We gonna play a game now but I'ma choose how we play, we doin it my way so get outta my way, I hope uve said a prayer coz I'm picking the day coz I no longer fuckin care coz now we doin shit my way.

I'ma choose my words till I spit venom,
I'm comin now so let's go get em,
Hit em first while there chillin,
These fuckers arnt even gonna know what hit em.

You can lie to all ur family and friends...
But this is where this ends...
Hear this message I send...

That mirror in the bathroom is cold blooded, your not one to be trusted,
I know your secrets, ya busted,
You've now become the hunted,
I'm gonna leave you gutted just like you did to me except times a hundred.

Yo wanna take a cheap shot at me and try to break me, After what u did I'm standing up from hittin the floor, I'm now comin at you with full fuckin force,
Get ready coz as i burst through these doors, It's gonna get a whole lot worse coz all im trying to do is lift this fuckin Kur$e.

You wanna try kick me while I'm already down... I'm not gonna argue,
I know I'm the fuckin glue coz bitch I don't think you have realised how much you could chew, coz after I'm through with you, your not gonna know what the fuck to do and I'll be happy as fuck too, your times up, this is way past due,

I'm fuckin comin for you.

Your bipolar has some twists,
It should be me who's missed,
You closed the curtains,
You showed me all your tricks,
Coz the bipolar u have cant be fuckin fixed.

As we search to find,
Who we are,
Under that mask,
We need to search to find,
For our little peace of mind,
Just some people in this world would prefer to be unkind and I'm sick of there fuckin shit,

Now its show time.

Look at us all,
Sitting at home climbing up our walls,
Forced to quarantine while everyone online gets a bigger e-peen,
This virus has created more fuckin fiends,
I just wanna scream 😂
I think u know what I mean,
This isn't what this world needs...
It's plantin new seeds, until this breeds weeds of good deeds and re-unites us... Fuckin bitch please.

So I'll keep pretending that I don't need no one to get my shit done.
Right now I'm in the zone,
I stand tall here on my own,
I'm boppin' to this catchy tone,

So please stop post-poning and get on this train, The one that is going to restore this earth instead of drain.
Stop fuckin sayin it's all made up in my brain,
Or that i'm over-reacting or me...
Apparently being fucking insane,

You fuckin came at me this way,
Your fuckin stoopid,
It don't work that way hey.

Look at you,
What did you do,
Now ur gonna see,
What you did to me,

So here I am.