From the recording My Darkest Hour

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I don't need noone,
I tried...
To me,
I'm dying inside.

Sometimes when I'm alone... I cry,
These tears that I cry,
They are bitter and warm,
They flow with life but they take no form,
As my heart feels torn,
I must carry on.

So painful and sad that sometimes I cry,
No one ever stops to fuckin ask me why ?
Understand that my hands are in the air,
I'm Exasperated, I'm Wheezing,
As I look on in despair,
All these faceless people who have lost control, I have no more fucks to give,
I am out of em all,

As I hop in my car to get away from it all,
I can't seem to escape...
All this hate...
As I scrape...
To stay in shape...
I'm getting smarter...
But shit just keeps on getting darker...

Trying to live a life with no regret...
I start to sweat...
You're out of order!

Why are we here,
Why do we fall,
Why do I even need to care at all ?
Coz I've had to figure this shit out,
All on my own with not one person I could really call.

These thoughts that flood my brain full blown, I moan...
Why are we here ?
Why do we fall ?
I live in fear
Of feeling this small !!!

So i slap myself to try kick back n listen,

But as I sit in my car...
Im sinkin,
I'm sinkin so fast...
Fuck it...
Start drinkin,
Coz im just to fuckin tired to explain,
And right now I need to numb all this pain.

Honest truths are like surgery's,
It fuckin hurts but it cures,
Listen to the truth so it can make you pure, Sometimes it's something unsettling for sure but something you simply must endure.

I'm smart but I do dumb shit anyway,
Was I just a toy to you something to play with then throw away ?
You found out I was broken and you threw me away, I no longer know shit from clay or what the fuck I'm even suppose to say.

You have to take the good with the bad,
Smile with the sad,
Love what you got,
Remember what you had,
Always forgive,
Never forget,
learn from your mistakes,
People change,
Things go wrong,
Just remember the road goes on.

I gave you my love and u threw it away,
Why won't u say you just wanted it this way.

And there's are a few reasons why,
Sometimes i cry.