From the recording My Darkest Hour

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When you try your best but,
Your just not like the rest.

I've had ADHD since day 1,
Listen up little one,
You simply have no idea what I've had to overcome, my journey isn't easier or harder yet just simply hard for me,
So this is my story,
I want no fame or glory,
Just enough listeners to hear my calling.

You think I'm out here pingin
See it's funny how, Now I got you thinkin,
Shit homey, Get another drink in coz
You trippin...
Im just different, born and bred this way, aye.

See I was telling this dude just the other day,
That this life of ours has promise and meaning and im sorry it's taken me this long to be naturally pleasing,
To finally wake the fuck up and write a song, dedicated to my mum, just to say how i apologize for always doing her wrong.

There's word on the street,
That I can get on this beat,
Because I decided to tell my story,
As a way to tell my Mumma not to worry.

The days of hanging with my mates,
I still think of you'z,
But now I'm at a crossroads and,
I don't know which way to choose ?

There's two sides to every story and your a cunt in both of them, I don't gotta pretend that ur a fuckin gem,
Ur someone who i condemn,
Ok I'll sit here an wait, Ahem !!!
Sorry must've had something in my throat.. Some phlegm !!!
Ok ive been outdone and now I'm on the run, strap in let's hope this'll be fun.

No one will ever grasp some of the things ive done, yeah i got alot of kids and I got 7 sons, Yay i scored a home run and now im being blessed for the all the things I've done wrong.

Ok it's all pretend.

I don't know who the fuck i was when i wrote this,
You came to me when i was at my lowest,
When my back was turned and i was my slowest,
The plot thickens and there's a twist,
Let's make a list,
Let's make a wish,
Let's sink that basket...

Swishhh !!

One day i just wanna leave all these voices in my head,
Do i have to beg,
Listen to what i said or u gonna wind up
Layin in that bed,
Lookin like a fuckin sped,

Dead !!!

I sometimes walk around with my head in the clouds,
I sometimes can't handle really big crowds,
It's like this deafening sound...
That makes things in my head go round n round, Round n round, Round n Round !!!

I wish you could see all of the pain I've seen,
All my haunting memories and exactly who it is i've been, it's time to come out from the curtains and be seen, I'm not someone who is very mean, but I need to let off some steam,
Like that beeping microwave when it dings,

Ohh Yumm, Chicken wings !!!

All the days I've tried my best,
Spent thinking this life is just one fucked up test,
I'm holding my breath,
Coz my best is just not like the rest.

How the fuck am I meant to rest
When King Kong is bangin' out of my fuckin chest,
This has to be one fucked up test,
Coz I keep trying my best,
And im just not like the rest.

It might make some people take a breath,
When they realise too all of this is one big test, coz no matter how hard you try your best your just not like the rest.

And you know what, that's totally ok...
Coz we need to forgive the people for the things they say,
Coz some of us are here to brighten up your day,
I just hope you all kinda like my way.


When ya try ya best but,
Ya just not like the rest.

Im different, born n bred this way, aye !!!
See I was telling this dude just the other day!