From the recording Watch Us Rise

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Can anybody relate
Written by - Kur$ed

So, I dont know where I'm going,
Or what im gunna do,
Our lives rotate in cycles,
And here is what I'm going through,

Yeah, you start to lose all,
Without a care,
Just looking for the next hit,
No money to spare,

What is it I am hiding under their,

Can anybody relate...

Let's go...

Everything around you is crumbling,
In pieces,
You're even a bad influence on your nieces,
You thrive as a supplying hero,
While I have a care factor of zero,
10 years in I lose my partner, family and home,
8 years have passed and Im now sitting here with only other drug addicts to phone,

Who would've known...

No two highs are ever the same,
The codeine and oxys hide my pain,
This addiction I'm trying to tame,
And this is my shame,

Can anybody relate ?

I have my heroin and booze to escape,
I take my meth to fuel up and stay awake,
I take my pills to help me concentrate,
And I just can't seem to think straight,

Can anybody relate ?

So I medicate but the more I medicate the more i sabotage and the more i hate,
The more I hate the more I sabotage, and self medicate,
Can you appreciate ?
Why I need to escape,

Can anyone else fuckin relate ?

It became an escape for me, see
It became a necessity,
I just need to escape this place, see !
But I got nothing else to replace the chase !!!

I couldn't eat,
I couldn't breathe,
It became a need,
I just had to fuckin feed,

Every single day,
Shooting up every vein,
Completely gone astray,
For these drugs I must obey,

Why do I fight that feeling inside,
You see the urgency in my eyes,
The devil has my soul and I cannot cry,
I'm just left wondering why,
Why I don't just end it and fuckin die,

Can anybody fuckin relate...

This sober life I'm still learning,
But this dope sickness has me squirming,
I'm vomiting and my god the cold shakes,
How many days in a row of this am I meant to fuckin take,

(Long tunnel delay)
Fuck sakes,
Can anyone else fuckin relate ?

Yeah I'm still hurting,
But all I've been is a mess,
A train wreck, what the heck,
So much of my life I regret,
I just can't seem to get my life in check,
Only thing I have left is the loss of respect,

Shits been real Krazy,
How do you explain who it is I've been lately,
All your gonna do is hate on me,
And all I'm gonna do is go an escape see,

See i lost the person I used to be,
I am always scaring my family,
From the rehab and the OD's,
Now the drugs have taken over me, see !

It's a vicious circle,
And I'm tired of running around jumping hurdles, a lost version of me makes my stomach curdle,

*Chuck up*

How am I meant to cope...
I am so broke,
I barely own anything,
And I can't even sing...

Can anybody fuckin relate...

So I started small and with my back to the wall I half got up and started to crawl,
I gave up smack and crack for rap,
And my body didn't like at all,
After awhile things seemed like they could get back on track,
Slowly but surely I could start to feel...

Is this what life really feels like...
Is this real ?
I gave up pills and decided to no longer steal,
All of this might not seem like a big deal,
I'm just at home enjoying a home cooked meal,
I fuckin hated always feeling ill,
Doing drugs was my only skill,

Nah... Fuck that...

You better than that...

It's facts...
Check ya shit and see the reflection of ya face,
No ya weight,
It's not too late,
Just fuckin hold onto Faith,

Give up the chase,

I'm sitting here screaming...
Can anybody relate,

Who can relate ???

I'm so lucky I have my music coz it gave me a purpose,
Sure I am nervous but it's good to show you all what's beneath my surface,

It's why I called myself Kur$ed,
Coz all I do is make my life worse,
So i set course,
With a one way ticket coming from Perth,

I don't even really know where to begin,
How do I tell you who it is ive been,
But before you fuckin judge me,
You better listen to my story...

Coz I'm Kur$ed !!!

Can anybody relate,

Can anybody fuckin relate...

Can anybody fuckin relate,

Can anybody relate,

Haha, can anybody relate.