1. Never Give Up

From the recording Watch Us Rise

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Never Give Up
Written by - Kur$ed

Never give up,

Yeh, Feel this heartbeat, Really feel this shit,
This song is gonna get weird so please get comfy,
Strap in and take a seat,
This time ya gonna have to deal with ya fate,
Tell me how much you hate me,
You keep trying to replace me,
Keep chasing me and tell me just how much you hate me.

As I glance down at my plate,
I get lost looking into my fate,
All my bad and my wrong doings,
I'm so fuckin crazy it's off the charts,
Pursuing this dream one can only imagine as I depart
to try make this shit life restart.

So we'll fly through the clouds twisting in dispair,
I'm flying through the air without a care, Flying through the clouds up and down,
It's time I flip this script instead of acting crazy like a fuckin clown.

All I wanna do is have someone be proud,
Why does everyone always want me to leave,
Succumb to my power,
I'm begging you please.

Why am I rappin to myself again,
Like c'mon man I'm ya only fuckin friend,

Bitch you made me ball,
And you never bothered to call,
I hate you but I love you,
But now you can fuck off too,
Losing something you can't replace,
It couldn't get any worse,
Feels like an old mans race,
I scream and shout, kick n curse,
But shit only ever gets worse.

Although I'm not solely to blame,
Your not inside my brain,
Hear my fuckin voice,
As if I had a god damn choice.
Anyway I've had enough of ur crap ,
And that's enough of that.

So stop, sit back and listen,
That's enough reminiscing.
While u out here flexin, I'm living !!!
While u out there textin, I'm giving !!!
You see the difference...
Your out here trying to impress,
While i'm out here tryin to progress.
Your quite happy to be stressed,
While I'm contempt in just trying my best,

I'm born here in Australia out here in the west,
I'm completely different and simply just not like the rest.
I pass through my hardest moments alone,
I prefer to always stay at home,
I'm always on my fuckin phone and sometimes my behaviour isn't something I would condone.

I'm working on getting my mind right,
But first I need people to see my light,
I think it's gonna take some time, yeah,
I think I need some free time, yeah,
I think I need a little bit of me time, yeah,
Hey it's not a crime to want some chill time,
Away from all the noise with a few bottles of wine,

I got melodies always playin on my mind,
I got same routines daily, always doin that grind.
I just think I need a little me time, sometimes, away from all the car rides and always having to abide.
I'm from the streets and that's what's up,
I'm standing here to say I've fuckin had enough,
I'm sick of the hurting and all of this pain,
Coz fuck I feel like I'm going insane.

Losing my mind and losing control,
How on earth am I ever gonna make this life roll, into a much better place,
It takes time, I had to work out how to rhyme,
While living every day without a dime,
Parts of it feels like I've done time,
In this life it's a struggle,
So ya forced to naturally hustle.

I'm sitting here in my car to get away from it all, I can't seem to escape,
So I begin to lose fate,
I'm about to fall,
Someone save me coz I got no one to fuckin call.