From the recording Watch Us Rise

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Thoughts are now Imminent
Written by - Kur$ed

It's time,

Come inside and lose your mind,


Let's fly...

Let's fly, Really fucking high...

Come and play with me...

My thoughts are now imminent,

Let's go get it...

Thoughts are becoming erratic,
And I'm bout to go spastic,
Flow so shit its tragic,

Let's go... Let's show you some magic,
Hi I'm another addict,
You probably already picked,
That I'm probably too old for this..
For this, this n that, oh his this and his that,
Wicketty whack, whicketty splat,
My style is abit more sick, and somewhat whack,
I promise this style I was born with it,
Awwww crap...
This raps about a topic i do not lack...
So here's another track,

Not knowing where you comin or goin',
Everything accelerated nothing is slowin,
Blood pressure peaking it keeps growin,
Your veins are pulsating the high has got your mood just blowin,
It hits you like a wave of light,
It comes out of no where,
There is nothing else in sight,
So you forever chase that never again high,
That day that changed ya life,
I was alone that night,
And i decided to give something different and new a try,
I now look back and fuckin wonder why,

Thoughts now immenent,


Thoughts now imminent,
I didn't know what to think of it,
So I gave the potion a drink,
And quickly my life began to sink,

Bcoz the more I sank,
The more I drank,
The more I drank,
The more I sank,

Who can I thank...

It just makes me wanna cry,
Telling you randoms about my life,
Like someday soon i'll have a wife,
Haha, yeah right...
Just first ya gotta change the way you live ya life...

Fuck does that mean I gotta stop getting high,

Sorry what was i saying...
I wasnt paying .... attent.... ion.....



Thoughts are now Imminent...

Ohhhh shit here we go another all nighter,
Another dead brain cell to decypher,
Let's go higher,
Let's go hyper,
I dropped my lighter...
Now crack my cypher,
Step into this life of this West Australian Writer,
I walk out of a room and I'll set it on fuckin fire,

Thoughts i've got are skitzo paranoia,
I'm here and I am the destroyer,

It's ashing on you and getting head like that castor oil,
Addicted to the game,
The drugs and im forever loyal,
The paranoia comes right through,
Now his dancing with you,
Take a look at this dude,
OMG what's happening to you...

I let my demons through.........
*Add reverse audio to headphones*
How lovely to see you...

Oooh shit that's one of the voices in my head...
He thinks I'm cooked and a little bit brain dead...
Coz hell below and heaven above,
This fuckin voice wants to give me a shove,
His so in love and all he wants is a fuckin hug...

But my thoughts are taking off,
In this room the heat pipes just cough,
This music being played it's way too soft,
Lights flicker as you walk away from the loft,
I'm just somewhat different,
A bit off,

Did you just drool...

Fuck yeah I just drooled,
Coz my thoughts are now imminent,
I am an intricate, lyricist,
And i am quite intimate,
With what I implement,

Maybe I am only half alive,
I dunno it's hard to describe,
Maybe I am tongue-tied,
I apologize, My brains cooked and fried,

And i really don't know why...

This places looks sort of desolate,
It's missing that chemical element,
Ya not very intelligent,

As some lone bird, without a mate,
A still as death and as stern as fate,
Here beside the dead I will wait,

Time is infinite,
I'm now being ignorent,
Ya know, me and you are not so different,
Coz these thoughts I have are now imminent.