From the recording Watch Us Rise

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To my mate Joel,
So you bastard I had to write you a song,
So here we go I'll try not be too long,

This is called goodbye my friend,

Yeah let's go,

I hope you are happy where ever you are,
Your in my heart no matter how far,
To heaven above I wish I could fly,
Only to hug you and to say my goodbye,

I wished I coulda saved you bro,
I wished I was there to pick you up when you were feeling low,
Now I'll never know,

I just really miss ya bro,
Goodbye my friend,

All the times you listened to me and shared with me your wisdom,
If it wasn't for you I'd probably be doing life in prison,
Now I'm sitting here wishing ur existence still existed,
Even though your gone physically,
You still live on in all of us spiritually,
Your spirit lives on me,
Like good friends are supposed to be...

Goodbye my friend,

You were never the type to judge me,
You had nothing but endless love for me,
You didn't care who I was or how rich or poor,
You loved me like a brother and welcomed me through your front door,

I'm trying so fuckin hard to keep it all together,
But I'm fighting through 4 seasons of weather,

You rest in peace man,
You were my friend,
I just wished I was there for you at the very end,

Goodbye my friend,

Why does it have to be this way,
What I wouldnt give to have just one more god dam day,

Everyday I been fake smiling,
The tears running down my face and i'm crying,
I just really wanna see my friend,
So to you hear this song I send,

I will keep with me the good chats we shared,
I just want you to know how much I cared,
Now your with God your at peace in the sky,
I miss you my friend and here is my goodbye,

I just really wanna see my friend,
So to you hear this song I send brother,

Goodbye my friend,