1. Goodbye

From the recording Watch Us Rise

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Punch to the face im leaving you cross eyed,
Im looking inside,
And ive lost my mind,
Let me show you why,
Hang on access to get in is denied,
Like I really tried...

To be honest I just sighed,
Cuz when it comes to being this whack I know the side,
You'll take the bribe,
You'll snitch and confide,
I'll be the judge now let me decide,
I assure you my reasons will be justified,

My will is too divide and collide,
Bury the thoughts you hide,
Exactly how I'm shifting the tide,
I'm not spitting with pride,
Just here to give you a ride,
Those who try to hate me need not apply,
With a simple goodbye,
Please fuck off and die,

Coz you snipped my wings,
Hoping this bird wouldn't try to pull some strings, to fly,
And not waste his precious time to wither away and die,

Cuz then how could this guy face God,
Or even expect there fans to applaud,
Oh my lord,
Pull out my fuckin sword,

It's every man for himself,
I'm tired of living for someone else,

Love is just a 4 letter word,
I am undeterred,
One finger standing up I'm giving you the bird,
My voice will be fuckin heard,

Coz my art is my craft,
And im building the biggest raft,
Shits flying past,
Hearts pumping fast,
And so I laugh...


Always practice in safe sex,
And don't drive n text,
Or get back with ya ex,
Coz you don't know what comes next...

If ya wanna know go ask my ex,
That slut don't use latex,
And I must confess,
Her vagina is a fuckin mess,

But that don't correlate with my being,
Or relate with this vision that I'm seein,
Am I truly breathing or just finally unsheathing my voice,
Speaking my mind by choice,
To finally jump up and down to rejoice,

To not just mumble n make a noise,
Nah this whole dictionary is going with my toys,
Listen to all this noise,
Your life I'll destroy,

Cuz I'm gonna play with it till the day I die,
Build my own legacy for yall to remember me by, before I say goodbye,
My oh my,
My oh my,
Now fuck off and die,

Hoping one night I'll be actually able to sleep,
Coz these thoughts are piling up its gettin really steep,
Holy fuck i dont even know the day of the week,
Everythings on repeat,
And im so beat,

Instead of letting myself sink knee deep in my thoughts,
I guess ill sleep now n join the astronauts,
Whicketty wick whicketty, give me a round of applause,
I'm opening my doors,
I can make it even more raw,
In my head it's a constant battle at war,
Do y'all want more...

Cuz thats how I feel when I close my eyes n vanish without a trace,
All the fuckin way man to outer space,
Searching for a warm embrace,
Every day it's a race,
So that's what I chase...

Don't get stuck in the rear view mirror,
See out the front where life is how it appears,
It's never a straight line to your end goal,
So just remember to stay true to your soul,

Look at me trying to play the hero role,
Even though i work for the dole,
Take the shots and just stand by,
Those who try to hate me need not apply,

Its time for me to say goodbye.