1. Coming Home

From the recording Watch Us Rise

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Hittin savage mode,
And im about to explode,
And I'm so close to losing all hope,
So close to going back to slingin dope,

I'm coming home...

Searching for the end just to end up back at the start,
All you got left is broken dreams in a broken heart,
Searching for that shooting star your lips don't tell all of your scars,

I'm closer to my last breath than the one I just took,
This ain't just a rap even though that's how it may look,
I need some support I'm tired of sleeping on some randoms couch,
Everyday thinking they gonna be
Kickin, kickin, kickin me out...

But where do you go when you got no where to go,
Someone tell me so,
Coz in this moment I'm about to snap I'm about to blow,
And no one is gonna know,

In what far away kingdom do I go,
Find out something only dead men know,
From under a rose I sit beneath a solitude of snow,
Where the leaves fall, I will grow,
But fall silently below,

Winter nights and summer days are gone,
I can handle whatever I stumble upon,
When you hear the rooster crow at break of dawn,
Remember that ur the reason I'm movin on,

I tell ya, you've put me in the most unfortunate circumstances,
But I got no where to go and you wont give me any answers,
Moonlight shining and Ive got no more chances,

The nights moonlight advances,
As strangers look at me sneakin glances,
It's all table dances, party tricks and dirty romances,

So I look to god, I got a few outstanding slates,
I was scared to tell my mother and I can't rely on my mates,
All the rotten smother and petty hates,
I'm not crying it's just been raining on my face...

My friends do fuck all they don't help very much,
Ive been needing help since forever so you tell me what's up,
I don't need ya blessing,
Or your shitty good luck,

It's too late now I no longer give a fuck,

You betrayed our trust,
Now here's the thing it's just,
I wished it coulda last but you made it go bust,
When you decided to go ahead and deceive us,

The devil made this song about you,
Forget the dead you've left,
They will not follow you......

It was the best acting I ever seen someone do,
So I'll wait for the morning light to shine on through,

Feeling nothing but shame,
Then again I always feel insane,
But these thoughts have derailed my brain...
Yet I stay the same through all my pain,
It's so strange having to explain again and again,
When will the weather stop with this rush of rain,
Fuck you guys understand that I just need a change,

So that's why now i do shit my own way,
Coz I won't ever again pay for a bitch who just wants to play and make me lose it all in just one day,
Fuck along and stay away,

I dunno just everything about this feels so suss,
I kinda wanna discuss,
But what's the point, why fuss,
Over you kickin me out and saying there is no longer an us,

I'm fine being alone,
Coz now I'm coming home.