From the recording Watch Us Rise

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I'm quackin away like a duck,
(Insert Duck Quacks)
I'm out runnin amok,
Boy... im about to erupt,
Who gives a fuck...

It's nice to meet ya,
I'm known on the streets as a drug dealer...

I'll get you cooked,
Coz I'm just a half way crook...

Lets go,

(Verse 1)
No one understands or feels my pain,
Normal people dont understand this game,
People are out workin on the corner,
People always out lookin for ya,

Everyone who's out on tik keeps avoiding ya,
I just picked up a quarter,
Now they definitely lookin for ya,
This life is torture,
Ya life expectancy getting shorter and shorter,

Everyday it's a fuckin slaughter,
You have to be a warrior,
Coz you out here doing this for ya kids,
Ya baby mummaz and ya only fuckin daughter,

See when you've been raised by the poor,
And people make it all upto you to get the next score,
At home you n the kids are sleeping on a mattress on the floor,
And ya mumma worrying and her blood pressure is gettin lower,
And you out here trying to earn a fuckin dollar,
So you doin it for ya daughter,
Coz see she never really had a father,
He is too busy husstlin on the corner,
Coz its the only way at that time he could help support her,

So you hustle to work ya grind up,
Everyone drinking from the one cup,
So you out from night till sun up,
Just trying to get one up,

See you out workin on the strip,
You got stuff ya need to flip,
You know the script,
I'm out here with a knife on my hip,
I'm here to earn every bit,
Earn a quick buck and get rich,

So you lookin for the next customer who wants there next hit,
Even the ones who want it on tik,
You got them bitches who want it if they can suck on ya dick,
And the ones who want ya behind bars so be careful what you pick,

It's nice to meet ya,
I'm known on the streets as a drug dealer...

I'll get you cooked,
Coz I'm just a half way crook...

I'll get you cooked,
Coz i'm just a half way crook...

This life has been paved brick by brick,
And no I ain't no slick, Rick...
Double dip,
Watch the trick,
It's gonna be sick,
Bling bling on my wrist,
I'm blowin out the candles and I'm makin my wish,
Fuckin swish,
(Basketball buzzer beater sound)

Rick n Morty,
Got ya forty,
Nine, and so I rhyme,
On these streets just doin my grind,
I fuckin hate how this takes up so much of my time,
I'm dealing with this rush of insanity,
But I need to support my fuckin family,

Man you buggin,
I'm just out here hustlin,
No one knows what I'm jugglin,
I need my funds to be doublin,
I'm sick and tired of my family strugglin,
I never ever thought I'd have resort to drug smugglin,

But there we go,

Streets taught me something, i trained myself,
Did wrong for so long I knew nothin else,
Then while i grew up like it's every man for himself,
You don't realise you end up as a fool who's stuck on the bottom shelf,

You scared to death,
Scared to look,
Understand I'm just a half way crook,

You scared to death,
Struggling to take a breath,
Look around... What have you got left ?

Coz I'll get you cooked,
Coz im just a half way crook,

(Verse 2)
Excuse me as I pop this pill,
Send your ryhmes back down the hill,
So don't get offended by what I say,
This is just my free will, ok,

If this is a cross that I have to carry,
Then all y'all be foes we'll have to bury,
Mortuary or cemetery, it's all the same,
Mind games and seeds in this oddyssy,
It's all insane,

I'm addicted to the sick shit,
Just like puttin a needle in ya vein,
I guess it's my ball n chain,
Straight out the black necropolis,
That is rehab for the alcoholics anonymous,

I'll say whatever the fuck I wanna say,
You may not think it's ok,
And you know what I don't give a fuck ok,
So excuse me as I continue to do shit my way,

It's nice to meet ya,
I'm known on the streets as a drug dealer,

I'll get you cooked,
Coz I'm just a half way crook,
Where do you go, which way do you look,
Understand that Im just a half way crook,

When you've been strong for too long,
I hit pen to paper to try make a solid song,
Super powerful and super strong,
To let you people hear In my life what went on,

Never mistake my kindness for weakness,
My emotions will explode on you and leave you fuckin speachless,

I'll get you cooked,
Coz I'm just a half way crook...