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🎶 All I wanna do is Smile 🎶
Written by - Kur$ed

(Intro - Recorded)
All i wanna do is smile,

But i aint seen it in awhile,

All i wanna do is smile...

Why do I even try,
If only you realized how Im so sick and tired of all the lies,
But you still don’t see the hurt in my eyes,
Alone in my room all my silent cries,
Everything inside that I hide,
I just wanna die,

All I wanna do is smile...
But I haven't seen it in awhile...

(Verse 1 - Rap)
I’m screaming your name, no replies,
Always feelin low so I’m riding the highs,
I’ll never find love, I have no idea why,
I’m held by these chains you can't even untie,
Before I overdose on pain and finally die,
Happiness is not something that you can buy,
It’s been a while since I’ve had the strength to even try,

And now I've lost my smile,

So I just sit here on this cold bathroom tile,
Draining this bottle makes life worthwhile,
Numbing my feels, smoking till they burn in a pile,
It’s my lifestyle,
Just i feel like an exile,
I got no friends I’m so damn vile,
I hate myself, the real me I haven't seen in awhile,
These voices entice so I slice these wrists,
Watch the blood flow like the nile,
I think I’m in denial,

But all I wanna do is smile...

I hang my existence by a thread so I don’t feel dead,
I keep my words concise yeah enough said,
To feel alive I’m walking on thin ice,
Never think twice but will all this suffice?
Life or death, im rollin' the dice,
I can no longer be nice,

(Outro - Recorded)
All I wanna do is smile...
But FUCK... I haven't seen it in awhile !!!

(Verse 2 - Rap)
Running from my demons but I’m short a mile,
My mistakes and failures u can’t even compile,
My heads always spinning in pain like a sundial,
How do I ascend and reconcile ?

When all I wanna do is smile...

These wounds are scars that can’t mend,
I’m weak and I need help to defend,
Alone I continue to descend,
Hold out your hand, is there love that you can lend,
It's times like these I really wish I had a friend,


(Outro - Recorded)
All i wanna do is smile...

All i wanna do is smile,
But i havnt seen it in awhile...

(Verse 3 - Rap)
Truth is my breath is in my hands,
My future is empty like barren waste lands,
And I can’t seem to meet these heavy demands,
My head is buried beneath the sand,
I've givin it everything that I can,

But there’s no one near so I don’t speak,
This depression is like a mountain in my path with no peak,
I'm sick and tired of this week,
I'm so fuckin beat,
I'm sitting on the floor in a god damn heap,

All i wanna do is smile,

But I’ll be worthless until my body decays,
Counting the days till my soul parts ways,
For now I’m stuck in this god damn maze,
Lost in the darkness searching for the suns warm rays,

All I wanna do is smile...

I just accept that my mind is in a craze,
These words might seem long like them hot summer days,
Never even received praise,
I think its time I go my seperate ways,

But I leave blood and part of me on every page,
Ive burnt all that's left of my sage,
I can write forever with no delays,
Yeah, Death is the only thing that I pray,

Cold days is when I write,
No light, until my words set my bathroom ablaze,
This portrays my life,
But I’m sorry I can’t amaze,
My smile I ain't seen it in days...

(Outro - Recorded)
All i wanna do is smile,

All i wanna.... do is smile,

All i wanna do is smile,
But i havnt seen it in awhile.