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🎶 My Broken Heart 🎶
Written by: Kur$ed

Between two worlds I feel like I am torn,
One is that I'm lucky to be alive and the other wishes I was never born,
I want so much more from my life, man,
More than struggles, pain or strife, dam.

Some days I feel like I'm on the right track,
Then other days, all it seems is like I've gone way fuckin back,
Back to the darkness where all my demons live,
With doubts and fears always in my mind and so i give.

I see all these people and i feel all of there pain, days and weeks can go past yet the hurt still always remains.
Words come back n hit me all furious and fast,
Getting these flashes of scenes from my god dam fucked up past.

So I begin to sabotage all of my progress,
These twisted thoughts keep telling me I'm not worthy enough so I begin to regress,
Back to the world that was once before,
A place that's familiar where I feel safe and fuckin secure.

It seems so fuckin krazy to feel this way,
It's like a weird comfort that threatens to stay,
I know I must rise if i ever want to change,
Coz I'm sick n tired of people always looking at me strange,
I need to get out of my comfort zone or just accept that I am just made this way,

This is who I am,
And I know this is who I was born to be.


So I take a breath then two and three more,
And I begin to see more clearly than Ive ever seen before,
I see a fuckin warrior, strength and grace,
That determination in ur veins is now in its place.

Positive thinking and a kind heart will help you see the light, forgive yourself for not knowing what was wrong and what was right, none of us asked for this life so you at least deserve it to yourself to fix this shit twice,

Fuckin put down the knife,

Take a good hard look at ya life,

I wont ever give up on my dreams,
No matter how hard this moment seems,
To grow, you need to be a failure,
You need to feel discomfort and fear,
Frustrations, confusion, sadness and tears.

So forward i shall move making many mistakes, because I have the courage to know what all of this is gonna take.

My new world awaits......
My arms wide open full of kindness,
Love and peace inside knowing that my life is getting better makes me wanna cry !!!

No more questioning why...
Coz I'm over having to abide,
To the people who make us want to die...
For no real fuckin reason why ?

If you loved me, you would set me free !!!

I am Kur$ed,

And this is my broken heart.