From the recording I'm a Poet and an Artist

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🎧 These are just my thoughts 🎧
Written by - Kur$ed

These are just my thoughts...

I understand life isn’t all picture perfect,
And I question why I spend it feeling worthless,
Cuz I can tell I somewhat have a purpose,
So then why do I question...
Is this even worth it ?

Feelings hurting,
Drowning in tears from a love that's uncertain,
My heart is burning,
But now in the dusk the tide is turning,

These are just my thoughts...

(Verse 1)
Here I fall into a great depression,
All my thoughts are second guesses,
All these thoughts wanna teach me lessons,
And i ask God if he got my message,

Coz i'm sick of stressing,
Life's tricking me, maybe it's messin,
Coz all I'm thinking is If I die will go to hell or heaven,

I wanna leave this place and join the astronauts,
These are just my thoughts...

I'm so lost, I wonder where all my friends went,
Coz right now I really need to vent,
But it feels like I'm caught in prison,
Is it wrong that I'm just sick and tired of living,

Should I press pause and quit the mission,
Life gets hard when you have to make a decision,
Life keeps taking, nothing is giving,
It's the sound of things repeating...

I must be dreaming...

Every thought I know will affect my kids and I'm just not who my kids envision,
I get lost in the parts that are missin,
I must have impaired vision,
Coz who the fuck am I kidding,

Haunted and it's exhausting beating crosses,
Into shallow graves of monsters,

The epitome of death,

I've wept, nonetheless,
But my thoughts are a fuckin mess,

My demons they conquer, what side are they on,
All I can do is tell you about them through this song,
There's just a shit load in my head going on,

I never wanna be,
A starving emcee,
I know I got the lyrical ability,
But no record label see's me,
And it's fucking killing me,

These are just my thoughts...

Is murdering a beat,
A flesh eating zombie,
Coz what keeps happening to me,
Gets harder and harder to speak,

And i'm so fuckin over this week,

These are just my thoughts...

I’m lost, trust me but I can’t trust me,
So how long till I falter,
Take a knee at the altar,
Sing your song,
Holy fuck I think I've created a monster,

(Verse 2)
I'm struggling,
Life's puzzling,
Demons I'm summoning,
Bottle I'm guzzling,
Are my thoughts too troubling...

I wanna leave this place and join the astronauts...
But these are just my thoughts...

Lord thank you for your sacrifice,
But I'm contemplating over the price,
Is this how I change the way it is,
Is this how I get the whole world to play my shit,

My pride, my joy, I’m not happy, I’m drowning and I can’t drift ashore,

I’ll hide, I’ll toy, my demons they trap me and cause me to close my door,

Confide in the ones that I thought really cared,
They stabbed me in the back now I know life isn’t fair,
These demons man they rip out my light,
The darkness hardens and stabs me like a knife,

I’m crawling, just stalling, trying to breathe in this fight,
Of which way is left and which way is right,
Coz im about to fuck it all up tonight,

Drowning out my demons,
Sounding like i need a reason,
I'm broken, i'm freezing,
Emotions changing like the 4 seasons,

As I'm writing this letter,
I dont think life is getting any better,

I'ma end this shit tonight,
Demons have won the fight,

I've tied my noose,
Got nothing left to lose,
I'm suffocating in this booth,
I'm broken and I'm bruised,

Retrace my tracks and connect the dots,
I'm twisted and turned, yes I'm all tied in knots,

I wanna leave this place and join the astronauts...
These are just my thoughts...

The rubber band on my arm,
With the needle going through.
I'm so high I don't know who is who,
On the floor and now I can't move,
I just don't know what the fuck to do,

I do this coz i dont wanna live no more,
I do this coz my heart is so sore,
I'm wondering why I'm losing this war,
Now I'm face first in a pool of blood on my kitchen floor,

I wanna leave this place and join the Astronauts...

These are just my thoughts...


I wanna leave this place and join the astronauts...

These are just my thoughts...

These are just my thoughts.